Requirements to become a MCW19 dealer you need to know

Lợi ích khi trở thành đại lý MCW19

Currently, in addition to MCW19 mainly operating on the online system, the MCW19 dealer programs are also launched. With this exciting launch, a large number of members are enthusiastically supported by the prestige of the house. So what are the conditions for becoming a dealer? The following article will share the details!

Double features of MCW19 dealer

When you take part in the MCW19 bookies, you need to learn the synthesis of the terms displayed on the official home page, rather than just focusing on the terms in the bookies. That’s how you’ll be able to judge for yourself the level of credibility and the terms in the store.

The term “agent” is no longer unfamiliar to those who have long experience. This keyword will always appear in the catalog of the host’s services. Per more simply, the dealer is an address that makes the reputation of the house more popular.

The agency has a promotional role, informing about the betting house’s products and services to attract more new members to the experience. The MCW19 dealer is one of the addresses that brings online betting enthusiasts closer to the bookmaker’s betting field.

MCW19 dealers will be tasked with widespread advertising of the brand of the company to get closer to the customers. If you learn how to master this trick, you’ll have a chance to get huge commissions.

Learn about MCW19 dealer
Learn about MCW19 dealer

Some of the benefits of becoming a MCW19 dealer

MCW19 is one of the top five online bookmakers in Vietnam. By obtaining licenses for legal business operations, the house has grown strongly in large regions around the world, and most notably in Southeast Asia.

On such a large scale, when you become a MCW19 dealer, you will definitely get some of the following benefits:

  • When you become a MCW19 dealer, you will have the right to use the reputation, brand, image and service of the dealer. To bring propaganda, to promote.
  • The dealer can easily attract a large number of participants because the reputation of MCW19 has been extremely popular and has a certain prestige.
  • Chances of getting the high percentage commission when you’re able to hire more subsidiaries for the house.
    When you’re a MCW19 dealer, you’ll be most constrained at the very low discount rate.
  • A variety of betting games make it easy for players to have a variety of choices.
  • Modern, advanced technology gives players an incredible experience. The dealers will simplify the promotion of MCW19 services.
Advantages of becoming a MCW19 dealer
Advantages of becoming a MCW19 dealer

How to register as MCW19 agent

Just a few basic operations you can register as a MCW19 dealer. Here’s a detailed guide to how to participate:

  • Step 1: Access the MCW19 home page
  • Step 2: After the main screen interface appears, click “Agent” to start the registration process.
  • Step 3: Complete entering the registration information for the dealer.
  • Step 4: Next, you registered a dealer and you have to read the rules and regulations of the dealer carefully. Once you’ve cleared it, click Agree.
  • Step 5: Check all the information and press the registration button as soon as you are done.
MCW19 Dealer Registration
MCW19 Dealer Registration

Terms of becoming a MCW19 dealer

In the process of registering to become a MCW19 agent, the most special and noteworthy thing is that the section reads the terms that the dealer sets out. In order for the process to go smoothly and the player to receive a worthy commission, you need to fulfil exactly the conditions of the bookmaker set out as follows:

  • In the event that a dealer breaches any of the conditions, the dealer has the right to freeze or delete the account depending on the extent of the breach.
  • The dealer will automatically disconnect the parties if they are unable to contact the dealer for a maximum of two months.
    When the dealer discovers a dealer with a fraudulent element in the process of operation. Then you’ll be holding the funds associated with that agent.
  • For a dealer with a virtual account to operate, the dealer will now have the right to lock the account and collect the full commission.
  • MCW19 dealers are entitled to post promotional events or promotions with the approval and permission of the dealer.
    The right to decide whether or not to change the terms, new regulations, forms of transaction will be the house. When there’s a change, you don’t need to notify the dealers.


The above article gives you more detailed information about the conditions for becoming a MCW19 dealer. I’m hoping to provide more of the terms that the house puts. If you want to be a housewife with a high commission rate, register now.